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Young but bold and our aim is to grow your business.

We provide best-in-class Free POS software, to make your business operations efficient so that you solely focus on growth. Considering today’s market needs and to make you unique from the competition, we enable you to manage customer loyalty, create customized deals & offers to surprise and delight customers, run campaigns to attract more new customers & engage with existing customers, and many more.

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Our Portfolio

Cloud-based POS

To ensure all time system availability with real-time data access for efficient restaurant operations; Access it from anywhere.

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Customer Loyalty

Manage customer loyalty with personalized rewards such as cashback or loyalty points, to surprise them and delight their experiences.

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Deals & Offers

Customize offers based on customers past transactions, tastes, and preferences; target-driven deals to ensure their frequent-regular visits.

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Attract new and engage existing customers with personalizing SMS, emails & other social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

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Happy Merchant
Happy Merchants

With 100% Free billing software, customer loyalty system, deals & campaign system we empower our merchant partners to efficiently run their restaurant operations and track the performance through detailed reports.

Manage System Remotely
Manage System Remotely

The cloud-based system is accessible all over the internet and let you manage the operations having the flexibility of being at any place around the world. Simultaneously, real-time data let you keep track of the business and take instant actions.

Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer

Knowing your customers, their preferences, choices & tastes give a real value-add in today’s competitive market while helping you take a crucial decision about your offerings & at the same time reduces the risk of non-acceptance to the least.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

In today’s world of automation, all plans are pre-formulated, deals & offers are pre-decided and further, those rewards are communicated to the customers based on certain triggering events using SMS, emails or other social networks.

Increase Transaction Frequency
Increased Transaction Frequency

Repeat customers tend to spend more, further their cost of maintenance is marginal to the cost of acquiring new customers. So, we focus on a target-driven approach to solicit repeat and frequent transactions of regular customers.

Different Tax Types
Tax Ready

The system is altogether ready to incorporate any applicable tax structure be it GST, VAT or any other type of sales or entertainment tax. Additionally, separate reports are also accessible to comply with all accounting and tax obligations.

What we offer

Customer Acquisition

We continuously add customers; provide you access to loyelte customer groups to connect & broadcast personalized offers to attract them & expand market size.

Loyalty & Retention

We enable you to reward the customer with personalized offers, to get their frequent & repeat visits and to convert those casual shoppers into regular customers.

Campaign & Promotion

Broadcast and communicate your special deals & offer to larger audiences and attract more customers with Free SMS, emails & other social media platforms.

Multi Store System

One-stop solution to manage all operations, you can create multiple stores, add 100s of employees, products, deals & take unlimited orders with loyelte's free POS.

More Informed Decision

Detailed analytical reports & data available to understand trends considering customer’s likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. and to make more informed decisions.

Awesome Support

From POS installation to go live, run campaign & promotion to attract and engage customers and regular trainings to the staff, we are here to support you always.

Why Choose Us

Our existence linked with your growth, thus we put you first, always!

We not only provide technology to manage your store operations rather we add efficiency and at the same time we also expand market opportunities by connecting you with right customer groups based on their past behavior, preferences, choices, tastes, likes or dislikes, etc.

We connect all your stores with a single cloud-based POS software, keep you always up & connected with all outlets all the time; this facilitates real-time track over stores’ performances & spontaneous decisions.

Likewise, you can delight your existing customers and, also add new customers by:

Introducing personalized products, deals & offers at different stores, considering customers’ demand.

Enhance customer loyalty & engage them more with customized rewards and targeted offers.

Attract & add new customers by broadcasting special offers through SMS using loyelte’s own customer base.

And Yes, you got it right, all this is for Free!

No Subscription, No Commitment & No Hidden Charges at all.

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Introductory Offer

Rs 1199per month

  • User Friendly, Cloud-based POS

  • Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

  • Hardware Independent, Easy to Setup

  • Add Multiple Stores, Terminals & Users

  • Menu, Products & Tables Management

  • Take Unlimited Orders

  • Detail Analytical Reports

  • No Data Loss, Regular Sync with Servers

  • Comprehensive Deal & Discount System

  • Customized Customer Loyalty Program

  • Personalized Campaigns & Promotions

  • Free Digital Invoicing & Free SMS Credits

  • Instant Customer Feedback

  • All Tax Ready, Including GST

  • 24/7 Support & Regular Updates

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