Happy Merchants

We add efficiency in your operations by enabling you with technology. We get you online to connect with masses, help you to add new customers and engage more with the existing one. We also support in creating delightful customer experiences, which add more regular & frequent visits; we offer:

100% Free POS, with CRM to manage customer loyalty

Personalized deals & Free campaigns to attract new customers

Detail reports for better planning

Direct customer feedback & 24/7 support

Manage System Remotely

The cloud-based POS just requires an active internet connection to have access to the merchant app from anywhere around the world, and let you manage all operations remotely such as adding new stores, mapping new employees, manage or add inventory, etc.

Since the POS software is browser-based and 100% responsive, thus it is adaptable to all screen sizes including Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, etc.

Real-time reports & data trends let you track stores' performance and help you take instant actions as per the requirements, likewise if some store is struggling to generate sales during some business hours, the same can be handled with certain slow hour campaigns to attract more customers.

Know Your Customer

We have written 100s of algorithms and logic to create specialize reports to derive meaningful data & made it available to you, which play a vital role to make daily operational decisions. Reports enable you to read and understand your customers’ buying pattern, their preferences, tastes, likes, dislikes or buying capacity, etc. which you can use to surprise the customers and let them have delightful experiences.

Some of the key observations, you may draw include:

Whether the customer is a regular one or a new one?

What is its buying capacity & how frequent it come?

When was his last visit and what he likes the most? etc.

Marketing Automation

Campaigns enable you to broadcast hand-crafted deals & offers to qualified customers; you may solicit them by sending messages using SMS, email, etc. It is possible to automate the campaigns depending upon a certain triggering event (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), and accordingly, the message gets to deliver to the identified customer group with the pre-determined offer. Campaigns not only reduce the cost, time & effort but also add efficiency and value in terms of:

Promoting business & enhancing the brand value

Motivating frequent customer visits

Bringing back the lost customers with higher sales

Increased Transaction Frequency

In general, attracting a new customer is 3x to 7x costlier than maintaining a regular one; also, the repeat customer tends to spend more in comparison to a new customer, since a regular loyal customer not only contributes toward business sales rather also does free word-of-mouth marketing & adds value to the brand.

Our focus is to bring repeat transactions and to make it happen, we added special target-driven offers to reward customers:

Visit-based offers to reward customers based on transactions count

Amount-based offers to reward based on the transaction amount

Point-based loyalty rewards to drive customers' future transactions

Tax Ready

In order to take care of any possible tax changes including the introduction of the new taxes or changes in existing tax rates, we have embedded a fully flexible tax system within the POS software. (i.e. the system is flexible to add all tax types such as GST, VAT, CST, Service Tax, etc.)

The POS is also adaptable to State, City or Country-wide changes in the tax system, which support you to create & apply different taxes based on geographical differences.

For compliance purpose, detail tax reports are available within the system, to identify period-specific tax liability.