Campaign & Promotion

The effective campaign establishes uniqueness to the brand, increases awareness and brings higher sales by attracting new customers and more engagement with existing customers.

At one instance the system lets you create special deals like a referral, or first visit offers, which attract new customers; and simultaneously with target-driven offers, it enables you to motivate customers regular & frequent visits, which entice more business growth in terms of higher sale.

Likewise, A target-driven offer “Buy 4 coffee and get 1 free” can increase the frequency of customers visits who loves coffee.

We also make different communication channels available to you to have a continuous connection with different customer groups and engage them based on their tastes, preferences, etc. You can use tools like SMS, Emails, Whatsapp & different social platforms to engage with them for effective communication & feedback.

Furthermore, with the help of technological advancement provided by loyelte you can also select the right set of audience for your campaigns & promotions, which enhances the productivity and fetch higher conversion rate at least drainage of resources.

In simple words, we summarize the whole marketing concept in the 3-step process.

Attract, Engage & Grow!

For deploying the concept, we have developed a different set of features, to add value to your brand & grow your business using world-class technology.

Promote Anything, Anytime

You can choose to market any offering i.e. the campaign can be created and run based on any product, combo or deal; which give you a wide range to promote & also give you the flexibility to run campaigns anytime.

Unique Coupon Code

The campaign generates a unique coupon code specific to customers’ 10-digit mobile phone number. Since each selected customer from the target audience receives a unique code to avail the offer, thus the possibility of fraudulent consumption or misuse of the offer is very less.

Select Customer Group

The loyelte system lets you identify & select the right audience group to run campaigns based on customers’ past trends, tastes, and preferences; which brings rationale use of resources. Some of the available filters are:

a. Customer Category (like Veg / Non-veg, Spending Pattern, etc.)

b. Product Type (like Burger, Pasta, Pizza, etc.)

c. Location Based etc.