Cloud-Based POS

Loyelte’s Free Cloud-based POS let you operate your stores efficiently; the software makes all the stores connected and seamlessly accessible, with real-time data and flexibility to make any change in no time. Some of the key offerings include:

Real-time & Always Up-to-date

The cloud technology enables the system to continuously sync data, which provide real-time & up-to-date records. Using this state-of-art technology, you do not need to travel to different stores rather you can make any change in an instant remotely.

On-the-go Availability

With 100% responsive design, the POS is operative on all screen sizes, which makes it accessible even over desktops, laptops or tablets. Furthermore, you can also review your sales using your mobile phone while being away from the business.

Multiple Stores & Unlimited Transactions

You can create and operate multiple stores, add 100s of employees & record unlimited sales transactions from a single POS software without any limit or scope curtailment and efficiently manage all business operations.

Free Digital Invoice

We provide SMS facility to issue invoice or bill directly to the customers over their registered mobile number. You can also opt for it Free of any charge and participate in Go Green initiative by saving thousands of trees to cut & contribute for a healthy environment.

Detail Reports

The system continuously processes the data & provide you all necessary updates in the form of detailed analytical reports, which play a significant role to keep track of stores’ operations & enable you to take crucial decisions timely. Furthermore, cloud technology makes the reports & other updates accessible everywhere all the time.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support, starting from taking you to live within the POS application (including creating your profile, stores, adding, employee, menu, products, etc.) to daily operations such as running campaigns to attract new customers.

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