Deals & Offers

Considering the market requirements, using the technology we have crafted a fully-flexible system which contains numerous functions to configure multiple types of deals & offers such as birthday or anniversary deal, combo deal, Bogo deal, Monday or Friday deals, etc.

You can create deals specific to a certain store, product, day, time or occasion, etc. and run or stop them anytime at your own choice. Furthermore, you also have a right to select specific customer groups to whom you would like to pass the deals information.

The deals not only attract new customers rather also engage existing one, astonish them & make their experiences delightful. Some of the offers you can create within the POS include:

Target Driven Offers

To solicit multiple-frequent customer visits & to engage them for a longer period, target-driven offers to act as a catalyst. Since the discount or free items are awarded only after target completion, which defers your expense and brings confirmed sales first. Additionally, the repeat visits build customer tastes & preferences toward your offerings over others.

Customized Rewards

We provide several reward options and you can use them any time to surprise your customers and delight customers’ experiences considering the past behavior, preferences, tastes, likes or dislikes, etc. Those surprises may include any free product or combo, some deal or discount or even your own personalize reward points.

Referral Bonus

The referral is one of the oldest & trusted method to attract customers and considering the fact we provide option to create special referral offers, which let you attract more new customers by tapping the network of your regular customers’ and in return you can reward all of them with bonus offers to keep motivated for next visit.

Day & Time Specific Offers

The system lets you create day or time specific offers, like Independence Day offer or Diwali offer, Friday or Monday offer, etc. and at the same time, you can put timings restrictions, which will benefit the customers who visit the store on offer day & in between stipulated time. Such offers are useful to mobilize customer visits during slow business hours.

Limit Deal Consumption

You are free to put any limit on a deal or offer consumption by any specific customer (i.e. deal available to consume only once etc.), which act as an important tool to drive customers’ interests and simultaneously, curtail the revenue leakage & cost while delivering benefits of deals to all customers equally.