Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is a key to success for every business; it is loyalty toward the product, service or brand, which drives a customer to visit frequently, buy more, & to stay connected for the longest period.

In general, business spends 3x to 7x more to attract a new customer, wherein a regular customer likely to spend 60% to 70% more. Thus, it is necessary to have delightful customer experiences, which bring it back again and to make this happen it is necessary to have a good loyalty system in place.

We provide world-class system enabled with cloud technology covering full customer loyalty cycle starting from attracting new customers with delightful experiences & convert them to regular customers. We support you in varied ways, such as:

Point-Based Loyalty Program

The POS software embedded point-based customer loyalty program, so that you can reward your loyal customers with your own personalized reward points. The points also work as cashback or deferral discount, which drives customers’ future purchases, since they are unique to you and can only be used at your stores, thus the customer must visit again to consume them.

Custom Rewards

You can reward your customers considering their loyalty, visit frequency & transaction value, etc. and such reward can be some product, deal, discount or loyalty points. Further, you may also set some triggering event like the number of customers’ visits or transaction value and the reward shall be awarded only on successful completion of the set target.

Attract More Customers with Referral Bonus

The most powerful tool of marketing is the word of mouth since the people tend to rely more on the references of their known. By using referral rewards, you can turn your loyal customers to brand ambassadors and motivate them to promote your brand among their relatives & friends, which is likely to bring more sales.

Target-driven Loyalty Rewards

The studies say, 5% to 8% increase in visits of the regular customers may lead to an increase in revenue by more than 90%. Considering it, we have created target-driven deals & offers to increase customer engagement like visit-based, amount-based deals, etc. Such deals are a great influence among the customers to visit frequently, complete the target & earn a reward.